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As we age, the area around our eyes gets aged by everything from sagging muscles and skin to redness and puffiness caused by dry eye. Fortunately, there is a non-invasive solution that can refresh your eyes and provide relief — the TempSure Envi.

What Is TempSure Envi?

The TempSure Envi is a radiofrequency (RF) treatment that we use to treat the area around the eye. This both treats Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of dry eye, while improving the smoothness of your skin.

The TempSure treatment gently and deeply heats the skin around your eyes, both generating collagen and unclogging the oil glands in your eyelids. This immediately benefits your tear production, improving dry eye; over the next several weeks, you’ll also begin to produce more collagen. Receiving TempSure treatments in one-month intervals will help your body learn to produce a quality amount of collagen on its own.

What Can I Expect During My TempSure Appointment?

Our job is to make sure you feel comfortable and taken care of through your entire treatment process, from your initial appointment until you achieve your full results.

  • Before Treatment: Your eye doctor will evaluate your eyes and goals to determine how to tailor your TempSure treatment to your needs.
  • During Treatment: You’ll feel a gentle warming sensation around your eyelids and orbital areas as they’re heated and stimulated. This unclogs the oil glands in your eyelids, and stimulates collagen production that will help freshen your face. Treatment usually takes 30-60 minutes from when the laser reaches temperature.
  • After Treatment: You may have some light redness, but can resume normal activities right after treatment. Your tear quality should immediately improve, with dry eye symptoms soon following. You’ll see and feel some “tightening” right after your first treatment, and another three to five treatments over the coming months will give your face its best look and feel.

Am I a Candidate for TempSure Treatments?

We can discuss if TempSure treatments or other solutions are the best way to achieve your goals during a free consultation.

TempSure Envi FAQ:

How does the TempSure Envi work?

The TempSure Envi reduces the unpleasant look and feel of redness, puffiness, and sagging around your eyes that are caused by dry eye or aging. By gently heating targeted areas around your eyes, the TempSure treatment will stimulate collagen production and unclog oil glands in your eyelids.

What does TempSure Envi treat?

Dry eye and drooping skin. By warming the oil glands in your eyelids and stimulating collagen production, the TempSure Envi treats the underlying issues that age the eye — dry eye caused by a lack of oil in your tears, and sagging skin that lacks collagen.

Does the TempSure procedure hurt?

The TempSure procedure is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and 96% of patients report feeling comfortable through their treatments. You shouldn’t expect any pain.

How long are TempSure Envi treatments?

Treatments range from 30-60 minutes, depending on your case. Your doctor will determine treatment length during your consultation.

How many TempSure treatments will I need?

To improve skin quality, we recommend that you come back in one-month intervals, as the collagen production reaches its peak 3-7 weeks after your treatment. 3-7 treatments will be sufficient for most people.

When will I see results from TempSure?

Virtually immediately. You may notice some redness in the treatment area, and likely a “tighter” feeling immediately following treatment, but these are signs that treatment has worked. Your tear quality should immediately improve, which will rapidly reduce dry eye symptoms. For complete skin rejuvenation, you’ll have 3-7 treatments in one-month intervals, each improving upon the last’s work.