Children’s Eye Doctor in Lake Havasu City, AZ

Your child’s vision is too important to trust to just anyone; let our experienced, compassionate children’s eye doctors help. We offer eye care services customized for your little ones’ eyes, such as pediatric eye exams that utilize advanced technology to identify potential issues before they become a concern.

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The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Much like adult eye exams, children’s eye exams should do even more than provide a precise vision prescription. We test for a range of conditions and impairments more likely to affect a child’s vision so they can focus on learning in school and making memories with their friends. If we notice anything out of the ordinary during an exam, we can tailor a child-friendly treatment plan that’s as easy-to-follow as it is effective.

Boy getting a pediatric eye exam
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What Makes Pediatric Eye Care Different?

Young, developing eyes require special care and attention: while adult eyes can change a fair amount over the course of a year, children’s eyes change even faster, particularly during growth spurts. Early detection is the best defense against conditions that can evolve rapidly with the eye, and our doctors are trained to look out for issues more common in children’s eyes. Our pediatric eye exams establish a solid foundation of good eye health, leading to a lifetime of vibrant eyesight.

Do You Think Your Child is Near Sighted?
We Can Help!

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an extremely common condition for children to experience and can make everyday activities such as learning in a classroom difficult. If you notice your child is squinting to see properly, rubbing their eyes, performing poorly in school, or avoiding looking at faraway things, it could be due to myopia. We help manage and limit its progression with our myopia management options, to have your child seeing clearly and set up for success!


We treat all of our patients like they’re members of our own family — and we work extra hard to make sure your kids feel that way, too. When you and your children visit us, we go out of our way to make them feel comfortable and cared for, so they’ll see a trip to the eye doctor as fun and not something scary. You can expect expert care personalized specifically for your little ones, using the latest child-safe technology to understand their eyes and ensure they have the vision to succeed in anything they do!


Lake Havasu Family Eyecare makes pediatric eye care easy with our conveniently located office in Lake Havasu City, AZ. No matter where you are in the community, your kids are never far from fantastic vision and a compassionate team that cares about their eyes.

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