LipiFlow® Treatment in Lake Havasu City, AZ

If you’re suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye, Lake Havasu Family Eyecare can help bring you relief with the incredible LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System.

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What Can Lipiflow®
Do for You?

Dry eye disease is often caused by a dysfunction of the meibomian glands on your eyelids. These are responsible for producing oil for your tears, which prevents your eye’s tear film from evaporating too fast; when these glands are blocked, your tears don’t last. That’s why you can have watery eyes and still have dry eye disease: you’re producing a lot of tears that evaporate right away.

LipiFlow® uses a high-tech device to gently remove the glands’ blockage with therapeutic heat and pressure. Once oil has returned to your tear production, and your eyes can hydrate themselves properly, you’ll be relieved of your itchy, scratchy, irritated, and red eyes. This in-office procedure is pain-free, and you can immediately resume your normal routine after treatment.

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Why We Love LipiFlow®

LipiFlow® is a non-invasive procedure that can clear out meibomian gland buildup and provide lasting relief from dry eye symptoms. You don’t need to continue to suffer from irritating dry eye disease or depend solely on eye drops: LipiFlow® can alleviate your symptoms, generally in under 15 minutes. Unlike similar treatments, which require multiple visits over the course of several months, most patients only need a single LipiFlow® session!

Say Goodbye to Dry Eye Symptoms!

See Lake Havasu City clearly, without the inflamed and dried-out eye symptoms of dry eye disease — learn about personalized LipiFlow® treatments from our expert team!

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What to Expect from LipiFlow®

Our experienced eye doctors start by closely examining your eyes and eyelids to determine if meibomian gland dysfunction is causing your dry eye symptoms. If it is, we’ll apply eyedrops to numb any discomfort, and then use the handheld LipiFlow ® device to gently deliver pulses of concentrated thermal energy to your affected glands. The entire process takes about 12 minutes, and you can expect optimal results in six to eight weeks — though you’ll likely notice some change right away!


Our team at Lake Havasu Family Eyecare makes a commitment to you as a patient: that we’ll treat you like we treat our own family. We’ve consistently incorporated the latest and most advanced technology in our eye care, and LipiFlow® is just another example of how we constantly adapt to provide you with the best solutions available. We work hard to personalize our LipiFlow® treatments to quickly and painlessly relieve your dry eye symptoms — because we want you to get the clear eyesight you deserve.

LipiFlow® Near Me

We’re proud to offer LipiFlow® treatments for our patients at our conveniently located Lake Havasu City, AZ, office, so they can easily access the benefits of this procedure.

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