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Discover first-class eye care services at Lake Havasu Family Eyecare, Lake Havasu City’s premier destination for high-quality preventative eye disease care and treatment.

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As Your Partners in Eye Care, We’re Here for You

When you visit us for your eye care needs, you’ll find a comforting, family-friendly environment with doctors who always put you first. We know that finding out you have an eye disease or condition can be difficult. That’s why at Lake Havasu Family Eyecare, we’ll be there to support you by helping you find the optimal solution for your eyes and vision.

Common Conditions We Cover

We’re proud to variety of common eye diseases and disorders. Whether it’s a common condition like dry eye, or an age-related disease like glaucoma, Lake Havasu Family Eyecare is here to support you through it.

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Dry eye disease, or dry eye, is an incredibly common disorder where your eyes either produce low-quality tears, or not enough of them. We’ll work with you to find the cause of your dry eye using our LipiView® meibomian gland imager. Once we pinpoint its source, we’ll take an aggressive, multi-pronged approach to help you find relief — whether it’s with a LipiFlow® treatment session or a combination of nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes.

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Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) occurs when the macula, the part of your retina that’s responsible for central vision, begins to break down over time. We can determine whether you’re at risk for macular degeneration with our diagnostic technology and can help slow its progression with our assortment of nutraceuticals.

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Glaucoma, also known as the “silent thief of sight,” develops when a buildup of intraocular pressure (IOP) damages your optic nerve, which sends visual signals to your brain for processing. Early detection of this disease is key when it comes to preserving your vision, so we use our various diagnostic tools during our eye exams to check your optic nerve and test your IOP. From there, we can work on reducing your IOP by setting you on a customized management plan.

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Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic eye disease can occur in patients with any type of diabetes, with one of the most common forms being diabetic retinopathy. This disease develops when unhealthy blood vessels form throughout the retina and can lead to vision loss. Our highly advanced technology allows us to spot the signs of diabetic eye disease before it causes irreparable harm to your sight. Our doctors will also help you manage your diabetes while monitoring your retinal health during our comprehensive eye exams.

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Cataracts develop when the natural lens of your eye clouds and hardens, usually due to aging, but sometimes by injury. While glasses can help correct the changes in your vision, surgically removing your cataracts and replacing your eye’s lens is the only permanent solution to the issue. When that time comes, we’ll work with your surgeon and co-manage your care to set you on the road to recovery.

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Eye Disease Management at Lake Havasu Family Eyecare

We won’t just fight the symptoms of your eye disease— we’ll use our suite of advanced technology to target its root cause. Our skilled eye doctors take a multifaceted approach to eye disease management that revolves around early detection and prevention to help preserve your eyesight. At our practice, we believe in treating patients like family, which means our care starts by learning about you, not just your eyes.

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At Lake Havasu Family Eyecare, you’ll discover a passionate team of optometrists who are ready to help you and your family tackle any challenge that threatens your eyes and vision. We’re proud to help keep our community’s eyes healthy and always go above and beyond to provide the best eye care experience possible!

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