Did You Know?

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We are continually updating our frame selection to ensure we have the perfect frame for each individual. We want to make sure each patient can find the perfect pair of glasses Lake Havasu has to offer for their unique style.

Do you need an adjustment or repair? We are happy to help at anytime. Come in and say Hello!


Designer Sunglasses in Lake Havasu

In the Arizona sunshine, it is important to always protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays.

We offer a wide selection of designer sunglasses along with the biggest names in sunglass technology. We are an authorized dealer for Maui Jim sunglasses. Many of our glasses come in a polarized option, helping to protect your eyes even better. Come in today and ask to see the difference in sunglass options.


Prescription Glasses Lens Technology

Part of achieving the best vision is using the best technology. We customize each spectacle prescription to include the lens material, digital lens design, and lens surfacing to match to each patient’s unique vision needs. We use Essilor and Varilux Lens Products because they are the most advanced lens products available. You will see the difference.

There have been advances in all areas of technology, lenses included. We use Phoenix lens material because it is the Clearest, Safest, Lightest, and Strongest material on the market. Put our lenses to the test and you will see the difference.

Glare Free Lenses – This technology allows the maximum amount of light to enter the eyes, providing the clearest and sharpest vision. Lenses look polished and professional. Glare Free lenses are especially effective in relieving eyestrain associated with computer use and reducing the glare of headlights and streetlights, increasing safety while driving at night.

Light adaptive lenses are clear when indoors and darken when in the sunlight. Transition lenses offer 100% UV protection and reduce glare from the sunlight with the convenience of a single pair of glasses.


Can I Wear Contact Lenses?

Many of our Lake Havasu City, Arizona patients do not realize that contact lenses are an option for their vision correction. Most patients who wear glasses full time or even just for reading can also wear contact lenses to correct their vision. At Lake Havasu Family Eyecare our Doctors fit the latest soft contact lens products that offer superior comfort and vision. We fit breathable contact lenses that maintain exceptional comfort and moisture throughout the day. Whether you would like to wear lenses for special occasions or every day there is a lens that is designed for you. Our doctors and staff are experts at choosing the right lens and Lake Havasu contacts design for your lifestyle.

Do you wear Ridged Gas Permeable Contact lens? Our Doctors also offer specialty contact lens fittings for patients who require unique options for the health and vision of their eyes. We offer RGP fitting in Traditional lenses and Multifocal lens designs. We also fit keratoconus and post-surgical contact lens designs including Hybrid contacts such as Synergies lens. We will take the time to go over all of your options. If there is a lens out there for you, we will find it.


Common Questions About Wearing Lake Havasu Contacts

I only wear glasses to read. Can you help me?

We can fit you with a multi-focal lens design that will give you comfortable distance and reading vision to keep you from having to put your glasses on and take them off all day long. These multi-focal contacts and bi-focal contact lenses are excellent options for patients who wear reading, progressive or bi-focal glasses.

I love my glasses, but would like contacts for special occasions or to wear on the weekends. What do you suggest?

A daily disposable lens can offer excellent comfort, vision and convenience. Wear the lenses on the days you choose and no need for solution or care systems. Only buy the lenses that you will need for that year.

How do I get started?

Every patient that has their yearly comprehensive vision exam is eligible for a contact lens examination. Let our staff know you would like more information. We will be able to discuss the options available to you and in most cases start the fitting on the same day. We will teach you all you need to know about contact lens care and make sure you are comfortable!

Need Contact Lens Solution?

We now carry contact lens solution in the office. OPTIFREE MOIST and CLEARCARE solution can be purchased straight from your eye doctor and save you a trip to the drug store. This is a convenient way to know you are getting exactly what your doctor recommends for the health and comfort of your eyes!