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STEP 2 :  Contact Lens Fitting Fee


    Dr. Sobchuk, Dr. Vetter, Dr. Ruesch, Dr. Davidson and Dr. Martinez strive to provide you with the best contact lens services and most up to date materials possible. As a contact lens wearer, additional testing and follow up is performed to ensure that your lenses fit properly, and your vision is excellent. In addition, we examine the health of your cornea to ensure your eyes are receiving enough oxygen through the lenses.
    This evaluation and management of your contact lenses is in addition to your exam fee and may or may not be covered by your insurance. This is not a new fee, it has always been a part of your complete contact lens examination and does vary based on the complexity and time required for the fitting process. The evaluation and management fee also includes any necessary contact lens related follow ups.
    If you have any questions about this fee, please ask Dr. Sobchuk, Dr. Vetter, Dr. Ruesch, Dr. Davidson or Dr. Martinez.
    Thank you.

  • ❖ Basic lens eval - no change in contact lens type or prescription, no follow up

    ❖ Refit contact lens wearers - covers any follow up visits for 3 months from exam

    Refit - soft
    Refit - soft multifocal
    Refit - RGP

    ❖ Patients who have never worn contact lenses need additional care. Fees include all insertion and removal training, follow-up care for up to 6 months from exam, trial lenses, and contact lens care system.
    New - soft disposable, toric, extended wear
    New - soft multifocal
    New - RGP

    ❖ Specialty fits are for patients who require contact lens correction due to corneal/ocular issues. Examples include, but are not limited to, Post LASIK or RK patients, Keratoconus patients, Extreme Dry Eye or Aphakia. Fees cover fitting, insertion and removal training and follow up care for up to 6 months from exam.
    Specialty fit
    New - specialty fit aphakia 1 eye

  • I am aware of the additional fee and that it may or may not be covered by Insurance
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